So Long… and Thanks for All the Phone Calls!

I guess that quite sums up what I have to say after what I learnt yesterday from my very helpful roommate of 4 years. He gave me some sooner than expected news about someone/something that had something to do with me for quite some time a while back. And those somethings largely included long phone calls and a certain penalty which ended up being one of the happiest days of my life. ( I still remember that damn smile that I couldn’t wipe off my face.)

But I couldn’t believe the damn irony of the timing. Just in the afternoon I get this wonderful news that my Kenny G blog got selected  for some monthly mag’s back page and that in return I would be given a dinner worth 2500 bucks at Le Meridian! And in the evening, I learn that whatever haunted me the last couple of years about my earlier tryst with Le Meridian had driven the final nail in the coffin! Damn the irony man….

And I now find myself smiling, looking back in retrospection at all the things that were and all those things that could have. Maybe  it was never going to happen any different. Hey but what the hell! I don’t lose anything contemplating the possibilities of what could have been.

Its just that I cant believe it came so soon. I have written quite a bit in my previous posts about whatever I am talking about now. I really need a drink to celebrate this thing. Too bad the guy who gave me this news, once a fellow alcoholic, just refuses to drink anymore.

PS: I am listening to Scarborough Fair.

5 thoughts on “So Long… and Thanks for All the Phone Calls!

  1. You can easily find out what I am talking about if you have the patience to go through some of my
    earlier posts- about 1 year back ones i mean….
    ANd there is a small referral to u in the previous post…

  2. Ya Ya.. I get your year long references… anyways, what in the devil’s name made you to even think that i’m an old monk loyalisht? I despise the cheapness associated with it,not to mention the horrible taste n odour… i do maintain that i’m a wikipedia fanatic, one of the worst addictions there is…

  3. You say that Old Monk is cheap, has a horrible taste and odour…. Well thats exactly how an Old Monk loyalist would describe it….And of course, add to that the Cheap High that results from the consumption.
    You are indeed a Wikipedia fanatic! Who else would make the effort to build such an informative page on Old Monk and Mohan Meakin Breweries???

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