Jameson Irish Whiskey & some Bisi Bele Bath

My latest tryst with some excellent Whiskey came about last week in the form of Jameson Irish Whiskey with some Bisi Bele Bath as an accessory to complete the dinner. The former, courtesy my cousin and the latter courtesy my mother. Five of us including my dad and my cousin were the fortunate souls who were able to successfully devour 1 liter of the above mentioned whiskey and subsequently found it insufficient and so ended up adding a full quarter of Royal Challenge Whisky to end the night on a real high.

Jameson Irish Whiskey

About Jameson Irish Whiskey, I have to say, apart from being exceptionally smooth and having in its possession, the now familiar mind numbing aroma of a 12 year old whiskey, the real distinguishing aspect of Jameson is its potency. Just 100ml and everyone is already high. But a few of us brave souls, guided into the night by some exquisite music in the form of Aqualung and Maggot Brain, stretched our capacity beyond our limit to empty the 1 liter bottle and the extra 180 ml of RC that was inconspicuously lying beside us all the time.

But probably the only thing that places this experience apart from all the others that I have had before at my home is the midnight inebriated walk that I was finally able to accomplish in the company of my cousin. At 1 in the night, my cousin and I, hardly in our senses, walked quite a distance while divulging some well concealed facts about ourselves all along. It did remind me of all my midnight drunken walks in my hostel and it also reminded me, albeit painfully that they wont be happening any more frequently.

That said and done, a few days later, I had the opportunity to have some alcohol with a few of my fellow alcohol buddies at some Pub in Jayanagar. Just had some beer and some Bloody Mary. Had some decent time though. Don’t know how often its going to happen in the future……

PS: Royan, in case the William Grants bottle is still not empty, then I give you the go ahead to empty it now.

4 thoughts on “Jameson Irish Whiskey & some Bisi Bele Bath

  1. Reminds me of Jenna Jameson. I wonder why….
    I think you’ve blabbered enough about going on those post–drunk romantic walks. don’t try venturing out alone though. You might end up in a ditch or somethin like that…

  2. ok i can’t not tell you, having read this! I have been to the Jameson factory in Ireland and tasted the super smooth Jameson right there! And boy is that an experience or what! I will take it further by saying, only the Irish know how and what to drink – Bailey’s, Jameson and Guinness are the 3 best things that ever happened to humanity!

  3. @Jinu:
    Looks like you have already accomplished one of my life’s aims-drinking Irish Whiskey in Ireland, Scotch in Scotland and English Beer in England!
    And damn right the Irish know their drink!

  4. well gotta tell you this (with a smug smile on my face) I have done the English beer in England too! Yeah, scotch in Scotland, maybe you can steal that one! 🙂 Happy drinking!

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