So What Ya Doing????

And I have been finally successful in taking up the herculean task of getting my lazy self to sit in front of the computer and write a damn post! Dormancy has achieved new meanings and standards in the past 2 weeks of my life, thereby punctuating the dire need for a change in my bovine existence. Seeing no point in pursuing the so very valid reasons for my dormant state of affairs, I decided to write something. But alas! My past 2 weeks have been filled more with sleeping, eating, crapping, more crapping (yeah my stomach’s gone to the docks!), eating again, and finally when I am not doing any of the above, you would probably find me just aimlessly surfing on the net looking for something to excite me. And so, very conveniently indeed, I had nothing to say. And so I successfully fought against the temptation to write a graphic post on how the lizard in my room ate the ant and then went on to eat the other ant as well.

And so here I am. With nothing to write and yet writing. That’s because I just now thought of something to write about. Well it has been over 2 months since I got out of college and my hostel for good. In there, it wouldn’t have meant a thing to see what the guy next door was up to. But now that we are all out for good, I thought maybe let me make a list of what other guys from college are doing of late. Most of the people here are the people I have known really well. So here goes….

  1. Sadanand: My Room mate for all the 4 years in the hostel. Presently working(??????) at LSI Logic ( I think that’s the spelling) as a Chip Designer and regularly passing on some vital information about someone relevant to me.
  2. Royan: The guy who taught me how to play the guitar and more importantly, how to drink alcohol. Apart from the fact that I shall forever be in debt to him for the alcohol part, I think I have largely repaid his debt, considering the amount of stabs I received towards the end of the semester! Has begun writing again, considering the amount of time he has to waste. Anyway, he is on his way to University of Michigan and right now you are most likely to find him playing his Washburn guitar at his home. In case you don’t find him there, then search again in the corners. He has a fetish for corners!
  3. Abhishekh Upadhya: After his successful return from the annual tasters’ convention in Nagaland, this Udupi chap has relinquished Broadband internet in favor of some Dial Up connection and is known to be getting prepared to head to Bangalore soon. Apart from his very passionate hobby of tasting ‘stuff’, hereby unknown to us, he is also involved in sometimes writing some stuff on his blog. One of his latest exploits include a feedback to Chetan Bhagat on the 3 Mistakes of his life. Perhaps of more significance is one particular comment by a chap named KOMAL.
  4. Suhas: (a.k.a Trukka, Masai) Proud of his alleged admit to NCSU, this particular chap tried to learn Keyboards in a matter of 3 months and last I heard, he was giving me some ‘reasons’ as to why it didn’t work out and so switched to blogging. Close on the heels of getting some not-so-desirable attention on Appar’s Blog, and getting royally belted therein, this chap has started something remotely resembling a blog under the name TRUKKA. His latest indulges into the blogosphere include a 1984 book review which, along with the ‘spoilers’, runs into less than what you would probably find at the back of the book! A lot of us would agree that Masai is in some way perhaps trying to get back at Appar by starting his own blog wherein he can air his own views and probably a post involving some payback. But all said and done, I just feel that Masai doesn’t have it in him to go all the way. So when he is not writing in his blog, you can find him developing some new fetishes-the latest being that of wearing a pair of prominent magnetic ear rings! Somehow what Hiran told me yesterday keeps ringing in my head: “Suhas seems to be very good at attracting beltings from everywhere” or something to that effect! (I am now very keenly expecting Suhas’ take on this and his subsequent attempts to do some pay back as well)
  5. Hiran: The guy next door in Final Year. This dude is going to NCSU, if I am not mistaken, and last I heard, is preparing for his Visa interview.
  6. Aniruddha PN: The only thing I know about this guy is that he is blogging regularly and with some really notable short stories with some very delicate description.
  7. Julie: The guy in the other next door in final year and fellow Civil guy. Last I heard, he has been learning drums. I presume his work at Al-Naboodah is yet to start.
  8. Fother: When not updating his status messages, I presume he is just plain stoned.
  9. Appar: As far as I can figure out from his blog posts, he has started his work at Adobe and when not working, he has been updating his previously stagnant blog regularly now. His blog posts include a royal belting of Suhas, as mentioned above and some other arbit stuff.
  10. Shashank Prassanna: The only update I have about this guy is his status message in GTalk which described, in one single line, his day by day experience at his Oracle office.

    Of course, there are a lot more people I could write about. But I am not really sure where they are or what they are doing. So if you are reading this post and do not find your name above, then do leave a comment as to what you are up to. And as for myself, I am still waiting for some formalities to get over with so I can start my project at IISc.

8 thoughts on “So What Ya Doing????

  1. Masai took it like a cheap whore, on both appar’s and his own blog… Appar says-‘ do not mess with me. Look what i did to mr.vik-rosoft’ . Now,That’s intimidation… But needless to say,on his blog He’s the boss. Its quite a company..

  2. Girls????
    Now wait…let me think….
    I dont remember any….
    Even if there were girls, i definitely do not go the extent of making an effort to write about them in my blog

  3. Your article is full of factual inaccuracies. Not much can be expected off an uncivilized ‘civil’ian after all. For example, Hiran’s going to North Carolina State University and dint even apply to Penn State. And I’m not trying to prove anything to anyone by ‘starting’ a blog. The first article in it dates back to more than a year ago.
    @ Logik – You dont want people to know how you ‘piss’ed people off do you? Especially your neighbour in room 3, 8th block.

  4. A very warm welcome to Trukka indeed!
    The much awaited response from the one and only Masai has finally come!
    Mistake on Hiran’s admit acknowledged! Corrected as well! Thanks for the info!
    But that still does not change what Hiran once very witfully remarked:”Suhas has this uncanny knack of getting self belted!”
    Oh and me UNCIVILZED????
    Well well, we all know what happened at the top of a mountain sometime in the final semester in the middle of the night don’t we? So lets keep the ‘civilized’ discussions out of here….
    And so in the end, I am sure that our very special and good friend Mr. Suhas, who has been a sport all along continues to be so and joins us all for a final drink before heading off to his now confirmed NCSU admit!!!

  5. @Akshay: Dude, don’t say guy next door in final year. Cause though its not something I take pride in 🙂 , our rooms in the 4 years at NITK have never been more than a stone’s throw away.

  6. @ hiran
    Yeah yeah i forgot about that! From what I can gather of our end of the college visit to all our previous blocks, u were indeed a stone’s throw away….

    But still I would like to hear ur opinion on the matter of the art of getting belted!
    So what say?

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