Going to God’s Own Country

Given the fact that my blogging frequency is competing hard with the frequency of the Indian Cricket team’s success, I’d rather not make excuses on why it is so. Instead, I am just going to say that I am leaving to Trivandrum today, by way of a 17 hour bus journey spanning each of the 760 kms and will be back only on Tuesday. And when I come back, I hope to write about a whole load of stuff that has happened over the past 2 weeks. This include:

  1. The Weekend Party at my home
  2. The Chetan Bhagat Phenomenon as it took place with my friend Logik.
  3. Some wise words by  Royan D’Mello
  4. My views on the alarmingly high number of reality shows on TV
  5. The De-Stab Post
  6. The upcoming Indian Bands gig in Bangalore on August 24
  7. My Experience in God’s Own Country
  8. About a few interestng blogs I read up in the holidays.
  9. Book reviews on Atonement by Ian Mcewan and A House for Mr.Biswas by V S Naipaul

So thats what I plan to do after I come back. How many of them I will end up doing – no idea!

So till then-Chao!

6 thoughts on “Going to God’s Own Country

  1. Waiting for the Kerala stuff. Definitely God’s Own Country. What seafood! Mmmm… 🙂 And, also curious about what you would write about the weekend party stuff!

  2. @ Royan:
    Tried contacting him. Sent him 3 mails but I didnt get a reply from him at all…

    Olives? No no…But I think Coconuts come close…

    Too bad I couldnt have any seafood. And will definitely write about the party. Just wait for some time…

  3. wow! you just built up this climax about kerala.. now i have to come back when the kerala stuff is in here 🙂
    btw Nalpak is in Vontikoppal

  4. @Sneha
    Then I believe you will have to come back sometime tomorrow or day after to read about my experience there..But I believe I will be painting the real picture of kerala…one that you may not like to know and just choose to ignore!
    And with regard to the Nalpak, I stand corrected!
    I guess there are too many nalpaks around…..

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