And Thus Spake His Holiness

Considering the fact that my first job has not really helped my posting frequency, it has now become imperative for me to take steps to discontinue my indifferent treatment to my blog. It has been a long time since I churned out the handbag expedition post. And in that, I had also dealt with how Mr. Fate seems to be so very concerned about me and my future and how He always seemed to so easily tell me “I don’t think I can let you have this, or that, or for that matter anything that you deem really important!” But then I guess He eventually got bored of stabbing me and decided to just sit and watch all the fun. And as a result, here I am- in my first job- as a Project Assistant at IISc. Decent pay for doing something I like to do. Project is good. Work is good. Meeting new people. Making new friends. And I guess on the whole, life seems to be returning back to being filled with brighter prospects for the future. And that’s as far as I can go to say myself to be settled.

But something about the project was initially bothering me to a large extent. Having specialized in Soil Engineering at every step of my B.Tech, I was a little apprehensive about this present project of mine as it was based on Environmental Engineering. And so as I was talking to my close friend His Holiness about how I felt I was being unfaithful to Soil Engineering by taking up a project in Environmental Engineering, he made some spontaneous remarks that have somehow stuck with me even now. Check this out, this is what he said:

“Look man you don’t worry about that. You can look at it this way. Think of you being married to Soil Engineering and that you want to have a baby (the baby corresponding to me doing my higher studies in Soil Engg) but you can’t due to some constraints. And so now, think of Environmental Engg as a Surrogate Mother who is just helping you have the baby. So its not like you are cheating on Soil Engg. Its just that you are making use of Envi Engg to strengthen your ties with Soil Engg!”

And that somehow put everything into place and I felt more confident about my project and my future prospects. I really do not know how this guy suddenly comes up with these analogies. But good for me, it helped me put things in the right perspective. And so as per his suggestion in a comment that he put in the previous Stab post, I now officially declare myself to be DE-STABBED!

And also of notice, is that my second shot at GRE is going to take place this October 1st. Come to think of it, this is actually my first shot, considering the fact that I never really wrote the GRE last time around! And yes, my passport is already on its way this time.

So there you have it. Something worthwhile that has indeed happened to me in my life at last.

PS: Apology Accepted.

4 thoughts on “And Thus Spake His Holiness

  1. I hope he wasn’t high when he said this. Seriously brilliant man.. One of the most comforting analogies ever, considering your dilemma, and the self doubt regarding the choice… Royan- spoken like a true civil geek…

  2. He was definitely not high I can tell you that for sure. I think I was talking to him when he was in Abu Dhabi. He had called me himself and that was when he told me those wise words…..
    Like I said, really comforting..

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