III Block Night Canteen Beckons……


What do you do when you just refuse to get sleep and want to go eat something? Now I dont know. I guess I just drink some water and try getting some sleep anyway. But some time ago, there was this thing called III Block Canteen at NITK.

“Swami, Ondu Half Fry matthe ondu Lassi….Swalpa Bega Kodi!!”

And somehow I was always captivated by the menu, so obnoxiously explicit in its acknowledgement of the fact that the canteen owner was more interested in the prices part rather than the item part, that I had to do this piece of free publicity. But of course, this was the state of the menu sometime in March this year. I would really like to know what the state is now though. Any updates anyone?

PS: Photos Courtesy Paul Savio

7 thoughts on “III Block Night Canteen Beckons……

  1. Or there used to be that macchax option, they called thadambail… Swami, one plate buns… Ondu kaapi…. ( and a smoke as well, for some others )…

  2. i loved this feeling of nostalgia.. gool ol’d college days!
    when i last went to college, i realised that bad students are always bad students, even after they pass out.
    so, now i restrict the nostalgia to the place and friends… and no profs

  3. @sneha- What’s your defn. of bad students… And regardless of the criteria chosen, we did have many bad student friends, and i guess we’d fall in some categories as well… Not nostalgic about profs. That’s really strange… Most people wouldn’t remember who their classmates were, but would remember the guy who taught chemistry.. And usually this is good nostalgia. And even the wicked ones if any wouldn’t be forgotten so soon. What say?

  4. @Logik
    I have to agree that the bad part is quite amiguous in nature. But there is no denying that I will not be nostalgic about the BAD students-those attitude laden guys and girls-ever and am probably happy that i have seen the last of them.
    ANd a perfect example for “people who wouldn’t remember who their classmates were, but would remember the guy who taught chemistry” would be our mutual friend Mr.Shiverbay. He didnt know certain people in his class existed even at the end of final year!

    That part about Bad students remaining bad even after pass out is true every bit. But like I said, the definition of Bad is a little ambiguous in nature.
    And BTW, I think I still need to write a post on my Trivandrum trip. Hopefully I will be able to do it soon!

  5. Third block canteen was quite decent man. I always preferred the Basheer Egg Shack (or whatever you can call it). The ((maggi) + (egg burji)) was one of the best ever foods that I have tasted. And, it happens to be a favourite of our good old Ashish. 🙂

    And, nice comment about Shiverbay.

    P.S: “I consider myself to be destabbed!” – Forgot to mention last time. Kick ass quote man.

  6. @Kitta
    Basheer “Egg Shack” -for lack of a better phrase-was not particularly my favourite even though the Egg Roti there was good. But I somehow despised the long waits and the really unclean surroundings…
    And the destab idea was that of Royan’s. Check out my earlier post about the handbags. he left a comment in that.

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