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The Night of The Black Dog…

Considering the fact that the number of comments to this post hit double digit even before any content was uploaded, I decided to upload the content lest certain people doubt the veracity of my claims. But more importantly I had to upload the content to brush aside certain highly improbable and demeaning claims made by fellow alcoholic blogger Logik.

Anyway, so that was what I wanted to write about. About how I very constructively blew my first salary. That’s what this is all about.  After having waited impatiently for a long time, ever since I first tasted some excellent Scotch whisky in the form of Chivas Regal, I was finally able to buy some myself. It was just that I wanted to buy it from my own money. And that finally took shape in the form of my first salary wherein I spent a cool 1500 bucks to get 2 bottles of Black Dog Scotch Whisky-Aged 12 Years! And so amidst the cool breeze, began THE NIGHT OF THE BLACK DOG!

This time it was just my cousin who introduced me to the marvel that is Scotch, my Dad and me savouring the smooth 12 years old whisky with select songs by Jethro Tull playing in the background. I mainly chose Black Dog due to my prior memorable experience with it when I had been to the Kenny G concert wherein they had served Black Dog as a complimentary gesture. And it was worth every drop that went in me. And when I deeply inhaled and took in the fragrance of the age old Scotch, I realized that this was what they called The Sweet Smell of Success…

As the night rolled on, Dad started “My Experiments with Alcohol-Pre Marriage” and it was nice to hear from him some of his early trysts with Old Monk Rum. I began to talk about how in one of my Post B.Tech High series, me and my fellow Alcoholics (Logik and Shiverbay) were well, drinking alcohol (what else?), listening to Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix and simultaneously belting juniors in DC++. Of course, I was the renowned COW INSPECTOR on the Hub and then some dude popped up a “Hey Cow!” on the Main Chat. The drunk state I was in, I was curious to see who it was. That dude’s nick was JOE and so we typed “HEY JOE!!!” and then we couldn’t stop ourselves from rolling on the floor and laughing! If you ask what’s the funny part, well then I can clearly say you have never been drunk in your life! (Get a life!) But at that time, we just couldn’t control ourselves. And as I was explaining this to my Dad, he looked at me if I was alright or already high. And so I further explained that it seemed funny then and not any other time. ( Damn the generation gap! )

The One that Eats, Sleeps and Screws around..
The One that Eats, Sleeps and Screws around..

And then the time came for what Logik would now term as the Clichéd Midnight Inebriated Walk. Well my cousin and I did have the walk and Blackie(see photo), the other Black Dog  which eats, sleeps and humps, followed us outside its territorial boundaries and in the process made a sincere effort to make its presence felt by leaving copious amounts of you-know-what everywhere it went! And as we trekked up the steep road, Blackie suddenly disappeared, only to reappear on our way down. Apparently there were about 8-10 cantankerous dogs just a small distance up the slope and if this thing had gone up there, I really doubt if it would have come back down. And so as we made the return walk, high on Black Dog, and in the company of the Black Dog, THE NIGHT OF THE BLACK DOG finally ended.

And so now let me focus on the dubious and baseless claims made by fellow alcoholic blogger Logik. Firstly, he claims that the makers of the highly potent Mysore Lancer have come up with a product to rival Black Dog and aptly named it Die Bitch- presumably in memory of the hostel bitch which died due to excessive humping!  And he further claims that Die Bitch can beat up the Black Dog with ease. Well, rest assured, as the Die Bitch will never come as far as Black Dog. The only consequence of this whole act would be the second coming of the “Die Bitch Humping”-and this time courtesy Blackie, the other Black Dog which eats, sleeps and humps for a living.

So people behold the unrivalled domination of THE BLACK DOG! No Die (or DEAD) Bitch can come anywhere close!

And before I forget, THE NIGHT OF THE BLACK DOG saw only ONE of the TWO bottles being emptied. The other bottle is still fully intact.

PS: I was listening to Budapest by Jethro Tull when I was high and I couldn’t help but substitute the phrase “Hot Night in Budapest” with “The Night of The Black Dog”! And it was actually fun doing it-then.

Alcohol, The things that happen only to ME...

At a Loss for Words…..

If there is one thing that I am sure of about myself, it is that good stuff very rarely happens by itself to me. The kind of stuff that happens just by pure luck or co-incidence. That stuff hardly takes place with me. But when it does take place, it makes it big. Real big. And so was the case when I bumped into someone special yesterday after a gap of about a decade. There were so many ways things could have gone other than the way they eventually turned out, prior to me seeing her. At that moment of realization when I was face to face with her, I suddenly got transported to a dream. To a dream I had been undeniably fantasizing ever since I can remember. And things suddenly became very surreal. “Is it really you?” “Yes it is me!” “Then HI!” “Hi!” And then I say, “ And oh yes, Happy Birthday!” And only after I wish her, I realize that it is her birthday. “Hey thanks!” And she offers me some sweets.

What did we speak next? I have no damn idea! But what I do know is that I half expected her to say bye after 5 minutes of talking. But instead she said, “ Can we go have some tea? I am really hungry!” And what did I reply? Well, what the hell else do you think I replied? But what did  I do? Well, apart from trying to fathom the magnitude of this sudden stroke of lady luck, and realizing that I had been waiting for and imagining this moment for so damn long, I really do not recollect much.  Meeting her once more in my life was something  I never really believed in. And meeting her on her birthday and spending 90 minutes with her, watching her talk while she treated me was something I had dared not to even conjure up in my head. And so, all the time, I was just floating in air, not able to believe and accept the fact that all this was actually taking place. 

She told me she had read my complete blog just the previous day and so knew practically everything about what I was upto. So there wasn’t much I had to tell her to fill her in. And so she spoke a lot, and I listened, happy to just drop an opinion or a comment here and there. But it wasn’t as much about the talk as it was about the fact that this whole thing was really happening. The suddenness of the situation left me at a complete lack of relevant things to say. All this while, I had imagined over and over again what to tell her when I would meet her, and here she was-right in front of me- and all I was talking about was some useless stuff about how I consider alcohol not to be an addiction and stuff like that! I tried to recollect all the things that I always wanted to tell her but the best I could do was to just repeatedly tell her how she hadn’t changed a bit and about how difficult it was for me to comprehend the sudden meeting. I also happened to tell her that frankly, for quite some time, I half expected someone-anyone- to suddenly tell me that she had got married. She just laughed at that! And what also happened was that it wasn’t ‘anyone’ who told me she was getting married. She herself did. She told me the groom hunt was on and that anytime now, she could find a suitable match- match being defined as an approval from her parents. And that news didn’t as much shock or disappoint me as it brought me to accept the eventual reality that I had been simply over-ruling-the fact that people I know will never get married!

90 minutes is a long time if you have to wait in a queue or for a concert to start. But it surely is the fastest duration of time that you would have ever gone through when you are living your long fantasized and hopelessly unfulfilled desire of meeting someone special for just one more time. It was quite literally, a dream come true. And so as I finally parted in the evening, I felt that perhaps I had indeed seen her for the last time. And like last time around, I just wished our meeting didn’t have to end. But it did. And amidst all that sudden development of events, I realized, albeit a bit too late, that I had blown my chance of fulfilling that one other high school dream of mine, and that that one thing will be a wish unfulfilled- always. And in spite of that, I found I had a genuine smile plastered on my damn face- again (the last time being the day I got stoned after my project submission at the end of Final Semester in NITK.) Atleast now, I have something to draw from my memory bank whenever I want to.

Like I said, it was all too surreal for me. It still is. It might have all been just a dream. The way things happened so suddenly and so very much in my favor- its really hard to believe. I usually don’t write emotional and sentimental posts. But this one warranted an exception to be made. And so here I am-telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. God Help Me…

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Jethro Tull in India

This post is a preview of the Jethro Tull India Tour 2008. For the Concert Review of the Bangalore Tull Edition, click here.

Finally!!!FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How desperately I have waited… How I have fantasised about this ever since I first listened to Tull! Finally this dream is going to come true. Jethro Tull is coming down to India in November and will be touring 5 cities here. And fortunately for me, I am in one of them. I wasnt here last time around when they came to Bangalore. But I am here right now and going nowhere. So here are the details:

Jethro Tull touring India in November/December 2008 with Anoushka Shankar, the daughter of Pandit Ravishankar. Tull will be touring Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata with the dates and venues also given below


1. 27/11/08 : Kolkata, Science City Auditorium

2. 29/11/08 : Mumbai, Shanmukhnanda Auditorium

3. 30/11/08 : New Delhi, Hamsadhwani Amphitheatre

4. 2/12/08 : Bangalore, Palace Grounds

5. 3/12/08 : Hyderabad, Shilpkala Vedika Auditorium

Kolkata and Hyderabad finally get to see something!

And btw, I came across this website which has been documenting Tull Concerts since before Tull itself! They have the set list of every damn Tull concert.  Of  late, this is what the set list has been:

My Sunday Feeling, Living In The Past, Serenade To A Cuckoo, Nursie, A Song For Jeffrey, Sossity You’re A Woman/Reasons For Waiting, Farm On The Freeway, Bourée, A New Day Yesterday (incl. Kelpie), Too Old To Rock’N’Roll…, We Used To Know/With You There To Help Me, Dharma For One (incl. drum solo & Count The Chickens), Heavy Horses, Thick As A Brick, Aqualung, Locomotive Breath.

They are also expected to play some new Indo-Celtic fusion compositions.

I really wish they play something, anything from Roots to Branches. And I would go hysterical if they would play Budapest or Bungle in a Jungle. But nothing is going to stop them from playing one of the greatest discoveries of my life: Aqualung. So as long as they play that, I am more than happy to have paid for my ticket. And as far as Anoushka Shankar is concerned, she is just a bonus on my ticket!

LATEST TICKET UPDATE: The tickets are officially up for sale online!  As per my previous hunch, the tickets for the Jethro Tull India 2008 tour- Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bangalore- will be available online at The website started sales on 1st Nov. 08. But unfortunately, I found that there is some problem with the website as it was not opening. I have no idea when it will be fixed. So just in case, do figure out how to buy tickets offline as well in your respective city.

Also of note are the prices for the Jethro Tull concerts in all five cities. I had initially presumed the ticket prices to be the same everywhere but apparently there is a big variation.  So please keep in mind that the ticket prices are different for different cities depending on the local entertainment tax. Here are the details of the tickets in the different cities.  Also very importantly, I would suggest you go through the concert seat layout in your respective city very carefully before you choose the ticket range.

The CEO of Network 18, which is organizing this show has said that they have not received any intimation from the Mumbai police about the show being cancelled and as of now-ie afternoon on 28 Nov- there is no change in any of the schedule.

1. BANGALORE: The Tickets are priced as follows:

DIAMOND-Rs. 1900/-



PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGES IN THE WAY THE TICKETS ARE DISTRIBUTED… THE ORGANIZERS HAVE CHANGED IT!!!! The following picture will clearly explain the seating arrangement. Only the Diamond in Seating and the rest are standing. Earlier, Platinum was also meant for seating. But now it has been changed to standing.

Seating/Standing arrangements in Bangalore for Tull concert
Seating/Standing arrangements in Bangalore for Tull concert

The tickets are available offline at Music World outlets in Indiranagar, Jayanagar and Malleshwaram

2. DELHI: Now these are the prices in Delhi:

DIAMOND-Rs.2950/- SOLD OUT!!!!


GOLD-Rs.1100/- –SOLD OUT!!!!!

Again, go through the picture below for the seating in Delhi at the Hamsadhwani Amphitheatre (Pragati Maidan). Note that everything is seating and Gold means you are the farthest.

Tull Seating in Delhi
Tull Seating in Delhi

3. KOLKATA: The tickets are priced as below:

ALL TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT!!!!! The capacity itself was too less!

Diamond – Rs. 1500.00




Silver- Rs.500/-

I do not have the seating arrangement for the Science City Auditorium as there is no arrangement released on the website. I believe it will be a fully seated auditorium and I guess the Kolkata junta knows where comes what.

4. Hyderabad: The tickets are priced as below:

Diamond – Rs. 1800.00



Again, there is no seating arrangement available and I suspect this is also a concert held in an indoor auditorium. So I believe, cheaper means farther. The Hyderabad guys also note that initially the venue was given as Hi TEch City Auditorium. Now I find that it is Shilpkala Vedika Auditorium. Have no idea if both are the same or different. Do check yourself for further details regarding the venue.

5.MUMBAI: The tickets are priced as below:

Diamond – Rs. 4500.00


Gold (Ground/First Floor) -Rs.1900/-

Silver (First/Second Floor)-Rs.1100/- FIRST FLOOR SOLD OUT!!!!!

Here too, I was not able to find the seating arrangement map as such but I guess the seating categories are self explanatory. This is also an indoor thing I believe at the Shanmukhananda Auditorium.

As far as I am concerned, I am going for front row -obviously standing-so I already have my 1100 bucks ready!

SO you coming???

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Def Leppard in India- Tour Cancelled!!


The following is what I had written prior to the notification:

Ok let me get this straight. I am not an ardent follower of Def leppard. Though I have listened to a few songs and liked them, I do not consider myself crazy about them. But as my policy goes, I will be attending every damn concert that takes place in Bangalore. What with me having my own money now! So I presume I will be attending the Def Leppard Concert too at Bangalore when it takes place on October 17th, a Friday at Palace Grounds. (THey will be going to Mumbai on 19th October). In case you are not aware, they were supposed to have come sometime in May but due to the State Elections, it was post phoned. Thank God they are at least going to be here. The ticket prices are not yet out and in case they are, I am not aware of them. Will update once I learn anything new.

And BTW, I came across this website which supposedly got hold of the set list for the India tour that was supposed to be held in May. Maybe they will not retain the same setlist. But either way, here is the set list as quoted in that website:

01. Rocket 
02. Animal 
03. Let’s Get Rocked 
04. Foolin’
05. Mirror Mirror 
06. Nine Lives 
07. Love Bites 
08. (Bass Solo) 
09. Rock On 
10. Two Steps Behind 
11. Bringin’ on the Heartbreak 
12. Switch 625 
13. Hysteria 
14. Armageddon It 
15. Photograph 
16. Pour Some Sugar on Me 

17. Rock of Age

So I guess I am going to make myself listen to all the above songs, especially the ones I havent heard. I recently got hold of the entire collection on a CD. So no problems with the resources.

WIll update when I learn something new.

PS: Needless to say, there will be a review on the concert once I attend it.