Jethro Tull in India

This post is a preview of the Jethro Tull India Tour 2008. For the Concert Review of the Bangalore Tull Edition, click here.

Finally!!!FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How desperately I have waited… How I have fantasised about this ever since I first listened to Tull! Finally this dream is going to come true. Jethro Tull is coming down to India in November and will be touring 5 cities here. And fortunately for me, I am in one of them. I wasnt here last time around when they came to Bangalore. But I am here right now and going nowhere. So here are the details:

Jethro Tull touring India in November/December 2008 with Anoushka Shankar, the daughter of Pandit Ravishankar. Tull will be touring Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata with the dates and venues also given below


1. 27/11/08 : Kolkata, Science City Auditorium

2. 29/11/08 : Mumbai, Shanmukhnanda Auditorium

3. 30/11/08 : New Delhi, Hamsadhwani Amphitheatre

4. 2/12/08 : Bangalore, Palace Grounds

5. 3/12/08 : Hyderabad, Shilpkala Vedika Auditorium

Kolkata and Hyderabad finally get to see something!

And btw, I came across this website which has been documenting Tull Concerts since before Tull itself! They have the set list of every damn Tull concert.  Of  late, this is what the set list has been:

My Sunday Feeling, Living In The Past, Serenade To A Cuckoo, Nursie, A Song For Jeffrey, Sossity You’re A Woman/Reasons For Waiting, Farm On The Freeway, Bourée, A New Day Yesterday (incl. Kelpie), Too Old To Rock’N’Roll…, We Used To Know/With You There To Help Me, Dharma For One (incl. drum solo & Count The Chickens), Heavy Horses, Thick As A Brick, Aqualung, Locomotive Breath.

They are also expected to play some new Indo-Celtic fusion compositions.

I really wish they play something, anything from Roots to Branches. And I would go hysterical if they would play Budapest or Bungle in a Jungle. But nothing is going to stop them from playing one of the greatest discoveries of my life: Aqualung. So as long as they play that, I am more than happy to have paid for my ticket. And as far as Anoushka Shankar is concerned, she is just a bonus on my ticket!

LATEST TICKET UPDATE: The tickets are officially up for sale online!  As per my previous hunch, the tickets for the Jethro Tull India 2008 tour- Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bangalore- will be available online at The website started sales on 1st Nov. 08. But unfortunately, I found that there is some problem with the website as it was not opening. I have no idea when it will be fixed. So just in case, do figure out how to buy tickets offline as well in your respective city.

Also of note are the prices for the Jethro Tull concerts in all five cities. I had initially presumed the ticket prices to be the same everywhere but apparently there is a big variation.  So please keep in mind that the ticket prices are different for different cities depending on the local entertainment tax. Here are the details of the tickets in the different cities.  Also very importantly, I would suggest you go through the concert seat layout in your respective city very carefully before you choose the ticket range.

The CEO of Network 18, which is organizing this show has said that they have not received any intimation from the Mumbai police about the show being cancelled and as of now-ie afternoon on 28 Nov- there is no change in any of the schedule.

1. BANGALORE: The Tickets are priced as follows:

DIAMOND-Rs. 1900/-



PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGES IN THE WAY THE TICKETS ARE DISTRIBUTED… THE ORGANIZERS HAVE CHANGED IT!!!! The following picture will clearly explain the seating arrangement. Only the Diamond in Seating and the rest are standing. Earlier, Platinum was also meant for seating. But now it has been changed to standing.

Seating/Standing arrangements in Bangalore for Tull concert
Seating/Standing arrangements in Bangalore for Tull concert

The tickets are available offline at Music World outlets in Indiranagar, Jayanagar and Malleshwaram

2. DELHI: Now these are the prices in Delhi:

DIAMOND-Rs.2950/- SOLD OUT!!!!


GOLD-Rs.1100/- –SOLD OUT!!!!!

Again, go through the picture below for the seating in Delhi at the Hamsadhwani Amphitheatre (Pragati Maidan). Note that everything is seating and Gold means you are the farthest.

Tull Seating in Delhi
Tull Seating in Delhi

3. KOLKATA: The tickets are priced as below:

ALL TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT!!!!! The capacity itself was too less!

Diamond – Rs. 1500.00




Silver- Rs.500/-

I do not have the seating arrangement for the Science City Auditorium as there is no arrangement released on the website. I believe it will be a fully seated auditorium and I guess the Kolkata junta knows where comes what.

4. Hyderabad: The tickets are priced as below:

Diamond – Rs. 1800.00



Again, there is no seating arrangement available and I suspect this is also a concert held in an indoor auditorium. So I believe, cheaper means farther. The Hyderabad guys also note that initially the venue was given as Hi TEch City Auditorium. Now I find that it is Shilpkala Vedika Auditorium. Have no idea if both are the same or different. Do check yourself for further details regarding the venue.

5.MUMBAI: The tickets are priced as below:

Diamond – Rs. 4500.00


Gold (Ground/First Floor) -Rs.1900/-

Silver (First/Second Floor)-Rs.1100/- FIRST FLOOR SOLD OUT!!!!!

Here too, I was not able to find the seating arrangement map as such but I guess the seating categories are self explanatory. This is also an indoor thing I believe at the Shanmukhananda Auditorium.

As far as I am concerned, I am going for front row -obviously standing-so I already have my 1100 bucks ready!

SO you coming???

42 thoughts on “Jethro Tull in India

  1. No doubt Bouree is one of the best songs but incidentally for me, I have heard Bouree being played so many damn times live, courtesy my esteemed roommate, that I have somehow lost that enthu. But will wait for that what the hell!
    But Budapest is what is going to make my money worth a hundred times.

  2. Hey all, I run a little Tull fan forum at Unfortunately we don’t yet have any members in that part of the world so if you are going to any of these shows it would be good to hear a few thoughts on the gigs at the forum. And if you’re not going and just want to take part in a litlle tull fan community, come over anyway!

  3. @Col:
    :U kidding man? Me not attending the concert? Thats never gonna happen! And yes, I will be writing about the gigs here in India i can promise u that..

    Two places??WEll you must be a bigger Tull fan than me…Anyway its always going to be worth it if they play different set lists…

  4. we’ve been dyin to have a performance since joe sat … and just like i’ve been enlightened , the news will spread!

  5. i jus found out that u are/were fellow NITKian … u don worry bout attendance .. coz half of NITD will be at the gig in kolkata

  6. and u got the wrong itinerary :

    27 Kolkata Science City Auditorium
    29 Mumbai Shanmukhnanda Auditorium
    30 Delhi Hamsadhwani – Amphitheatre
    2 Hyderabad Hi Tech City Auditorium
    3 Bangalore Palace Grounds

  7. @Stuntman:
    Dude first of all I really gotta empathize with you people in Kolkata for having so damn less to see in their lives. But I am not surpried that half of NITD will be there. In fact I am counting on it!
    ANd BTW, where did you get your itinerary from? I got it from this:

    They have been documenting Tull concerts from the beginning. Let me know where you found your schedule. I will make changes if need be.

  8. I’m visiting Delhi at the time of this concert but have no idea how to contact the venue to buy tickets. Can’t find a direct link on the website. Any of you guys help me out here? I’m and English Tull fan since 1977.

  9. @Kelvyn:
    Dude first of all relax. Coz it is too early to be looking out for tickets. There is a Def Leppard Concert scheduled in 6 days time and there is no mention of tickets yet!
    So dont worry yet. Will upload ticket details once they are out!

  10. Thanks, Akshay. I will watch this space. What price are tickets generally for major rock acts playing in Delhi?

  11. Not sure about Delhi as hardly any rock acts go beyond Bangalore or Mumbai…
    But the tickets are around 1000-2500 depending on the artist. Last time Tull came to Bangalore, the ticket was 600 but i expect it to be more this time…

  12. Akshay hope you enjoy the concert! I have seen them many times over the years starting off in about 1972 when I was at the Passion Play premier at Wembley Arena. Well, if it wasn’t for a broken leg i probably would have never got into Tull. It was while waiting for a flight with my teacher after my skiing accident back in 1970 at Zurich airport that I browsed in a record shop on the airport concourse; I ended up buying Thick As A Brick purly because I was amused by the Newspaper cover. Haha no it didn’t change my life ! Ian, Kent UK

  13. @Ian:
    man suddenly I wish I was born much earlier!
    And incidentally it wasnt THick as a Brick or Aqualung or Locomotive Breath that got me first hooked on to them…
    it was one of their much later albums-Roots to Branches. And specifically Another Harry’s Bar. That was practically one of the best discoveries I ever made coz from then on, I just havent stopped exploring Tull and never got enough of it!

  14. My enthusiasm for Tull also had a slightly unusual start. I was born in 1955, so the ’70s rock scene was my musical upbringing. However, in those days there were so many ‘cliques’. I was into Zeppelin, Rory Gallagher, Pink Floyd, Groundhogs, and so Tull’s more ethereal sound passed me by ( although I did buy the single ‘Witch’s Promise’ in 1968 ). Ten years later a good friend got a job as art director of Tull’s record company, Chrysalis. He gave me a bunch of Tull albums going back to ‘This Was’ and ‘Stand Up’. So I got into them ten years after they got going. Been my number one band ever since.

  15. @Kelvyn:
    I have to say I went through the same stage of ignoring Tull while listening to Floyd, Led Zep etc (Doesn’t really sound like a regret though!).
    But it didnt take me too long to discover them. Chance discovery actually-considering that I heard them play when I had put my Winamp playlist in shuffle mode!

    But still I envy you for being blessed to have grown up listening to Tull, Floyd, Led Zep etc…

  16. Hi,
    I can hardly wait for them to come to Mumbai! I’ve only listened to Thick as a Brick and Aqualung albums (which are exceptional of course!) This motivates me to check out the set list you’ve put up 🙂

  17. this concert should be great. listened to them first time a year ago(almost accidentally). It was like love at first sight. Ian is simply great. post the ticket details as u know about it.

  18. as per attendance goes in kolkata I am going certainly and so will many.I do not understand about ur apprehension about attendance in Kolkata.well hyderabad I would say not many might turn up.

  19. @Prat:
    Love at first sight indeed..
    WIll put up details of the tickets once they are out…
    Watch this space for more.

    Dont worry man! Like many of your predecessors have assured me, now I am sure there will be crowd there..just that u dont get to see many concerts as compared to Bangalore or Mumbai. But I still have my apprehensions about Hyderabad though!

  20. @Akshaya:
    Good to hear from you after a long time!
    The tickets for the jethro tull 2008 concert in all 5 cities in India will-I think-be sold online at I have updated my post about this. You can read that.

    What you upto anyway?

  21. Hey! I am just working and engaging myself in some social service activities on weekends. What are you upto these days?
    Abt the tickets, I’ll keep a tab on when the bookings are open. Thanks for letting me know. Tc!

  22. i can imagine some veinbursting cermony every time its Tull !! question is delhi the rock capital hmmmm dunnno but why the ticket priced so high there !


    Dude, like I said, I think it is largely due to the local entertainment tax. But I suggest you look at Mumbai and feel happy!
    And moreover, I really cannot see myself attending a TUll concert-SEATED!!No way that is going to happen!
    And fortunately for me, Bangalore is the only place which has a ticket for standing and that too in the front row itself! 700 bucks dude! Beat that!

  24. Hello Friend, Thank you so much for the link. I have been looking for it, as I haven’t noticed it anywhere.

    A whole lot of good seats are already taken. Some how, I got a reasonably good one.

    First time I came to know about it was inside an in flight magazine; probably it came in the newspaper once, but I just missed it; and that’s it, it never came back, excepting an article without any mention about ticket counters.

    Fans of Calcutta are lucky enough to get this opportunity. Many thanks to the organisers. Calcutta gets a skip almost for every concert. I was lucky to be at Mumbai when his greatness Dr Mark Knopfler made his grand appearance. Oh what a mesmirising evening that was.

    Waiting for one more.

  25. @KB:
    Dude I ended up missing the Mark Knopfler concert when he came down to bangalore and I will continue to regret that for the rest of my life.

    And as far as the seats are concerned, I somehow cannot really comprehend sitting in a TULL concert. Just cant do that!

    And if you have any local info, do leave a comment. Will update it here.

  26. How come evrybody is missing “Jack a Lynn” (TULL)? This is one of the best from Jethro Tull. Go for “This is not Love”, “REASONS FOR WAITING”. Tull music is wonderful

  27. Hi Akshay,

    Thanks for responding to me post. Yeah, I very much agree with you that Rock Concert is not for watching from seats. That’s why I saw seating arrangements, it did disappoint me. Also, it forces you to “look for a seat”. In MK concert, it was all standing. I arrived quite early. Stood very near to the stage. He was not “so far away from me”. Will he ever visit Kolkata, “this mean old town”? Well, we were talking about Tull….I guess we have to “sit this one out” 🙂

  28. @R.Prakash:
    Jack a Lynn and This is not Love are amazing songs but unfortunately they are not playing it of late..

    I have been waiting for ages too…And just had to make sure that everyone knew about it!

    “Sit this one out”….Nice one!

  29. Hey guys, just a couple of caveats… don’t get your expectations too high. One, there’s Anoushka jamming with Tull… wonder what kinda watered down muzak she’s gonna come up with. Two, Ian’s voice has been kaput for nearly two decades. So don’t go expecting the same sound you get to hear on the albums. Having said that, it was one of the highlights of my life catching them that magical February night in Bangalore in the early nineties.

  30. As I understand it as this is a 40th anniversary tour, most of the set will be from the first two or three Tull albums. They always find time for Aqualung, though, even if as an encore. I saw them on the 20th anniversary tour in London – makes you feel old!

  31. @RG:
    Dude about Anoushka, for a fact, I know she plays awesome Sitar. And secondly,(and I have mentioned in the post), Anoushka and Tull will be playing some new fusion stuff.
    And Kaput or not, it is still Tull dude. And I wouldnt miss it for the world!

    Yeah the set list has consistently been from their first 4 albums. Apart from Aqualung, I would love to hear them play BUDAPEST. That will really make my ticket worth it!

  32. Anyone know if the Delhi gig may be cancelled? I imagine that the Mumbai one will be, as I see that touring Walt Disney show for Mumbai has already been cancelled.

  33. I have seen every U.S. Tull tour since 72, probably about 80 shows total, and am taken by the enthusiasm to see Tull, by, I suspect, largely people who were not close to being born when the band was almost 41 years ago. I doubt if you are all finding out about them from the radio or the more conventional channels as I did back in about 69, so kudos to you for even finding out about them, it has been about 35 years since they were enormously popular. Trust me on this point, if you like any Tull, their whole catalogue is truly worth investigating, there never has been a Tull release that at dead minimum did not have at least one excellent track on it, and usually many more.
    I am sick that the Mumbai shows will at least be delayed, while apparently there had been ticket sales even during the hideous events, much love and courage to the people of Mumbai, as well as all of India.
    While Ian’s voice is nearly 25 years removed from its peak, he has learned very well how to work within its limitations, has never watered down Tull’s music to suit the masses. You would be hard pressed to find a Tull performance, even in the past 25 years, where the audience did not leave thouroughly entertained, there is great life in the old beastie yet.

  34. Attended the Jethro Tull concert at Delhi last night….they are amazing as expected, especially, Ian Anderson…Anoushka was good too. I was lil disappointed coz wanted them to play more of the early stuff, the Rock stuff. Loved it anyway, especially since my head had gone numb after the last few days of Mumbai Nightmare, the music, especially his Anderson’s flute and energy were worked like instant therapy.

  35. @Ray:
    You have made a very important point when you said that Tull have never changed their music style to suit the masses. That is so tempting for all musicians to sell more copies but all hail Tull for not doing so…And 80 shows???Man I can only wonder in amazement!

    I am going to have my dose of therapy tonight…Will write a seperate post about it by tomorrow..

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