Coming up Shortly….

A New South Park script!

Content to be uploaded soon….

It just so happens that I found out Script writing apparently required more time than what I had anticipated. So my faithful readers will have to stick around for some more time.

Anyway, this is how it is going to work:

I will upload Part 1 of 3 parts of the South Park script here. Then I will be asking for feedback from all the readers-both for changes and on how to proceed next. And based on that, I shall upload the next part. As of now, I am done with about half of the 1st part. And will hopefully upload it soon.

And BTW, the theme of the episode is “TIMMY RETURNS!!”

2 thoughts on “Coming up Shortly….

  1. Your new idea eh? Posting a trailer post before the actual one? 🙂

    Trailer seems interesting and you better post the contents as early as possible.

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