And there goes the 23rd!

So this is how it feels like to be 23 years old….Hmmmm…




WTF?? 22 felt the same f***in’ way! And so did 21! Seriously, WTF is this? I spent practically the entire last year convincing myself that being 22 sucks and being 23 was going to be great! And this stuff is not bad, its worse! Yeah all you <23 years old dudes brace yourself, this is gonna suck!

Ok now that I am done with my whining, let me rewind back to a little before 26th October, i.e Sunday which also happened to be my 23rd Birthday. So here is what happened:

25th October

23:45- Watching Kill Bill on PIX for the 7th time.

23:58- Suddenly realized I was going to turn 23 in a couple of minutes and so rushed to do that one very important thing!

23:59- Its all ready!

26th October

00:00- 60ml Black Dog Scotch Whiskey-On the Rocks! Now thats how I ventured into the 24th year of my existence!

It so happened that a certain individual of the human female species who goes by such very appropriate names as Olive Oyl and the likes, was the first  to wish me at around 00:01. Much appreciated thank you!

And so began the one thing that separates this one day from the rest 365 days of the year-phone calls! (Oh wait you can discount that short, sudden spike in mobile phone activity during my college fest in February. ) Unlike last time around, everybody whom I expected-everyone- called me to wish me. Including a certain special someone who, I have to say, eventually made my day! Of course, like the previous time around, certain people who chose to wish me through an SMS continued their irreversible habit this time around too, but thankfully without the improvisations! And I was fortunately wiser this time around not to reply.

But that aside, here is what I did on my 23rd Birthday:

1) Turned 23.

2) Started my 24th year with a shot of Black Dog.

3) Said “Same to you” when Logik called me to wish me!

4) Stabbed my Birthday cake-yeah literally!

5) Watched in disbelief as my beloved Chelsea lost their unbeaten Home record to Liverpool.

6) Fed some 70 bucks worth of Blackforest pastry to Blackie- the other Black Dog. (God Damnit! For the last time, I AM NOT A RACIST!)

So thats about it! Thats as far as my birthday went! I had people calling me at 00:00 and I had people calling me at 23:45! I guess that explains it all. As uneventful as my 23rd birthday might have been, I will always remember it more than any other birthday of mine-just for the fact that everyone whom I expected to call-everyone that is-called me and wished me. And for someone who gets on an average <2 personal phone calls a month, that is something truly valuable. It may not have been the dream birthday I had hoped for, but considering what I got to take from this, I am quite happy with all of it.

PS: I still got to buy myself a birthday gift. I have around 4k with me, stretchable to 5k. And I find I have everything that I need. So please do pass on some suggestions about what I can possibly buy for 5 grand and not regret it.

PPS: Apparently my script writing time for the south park episode is taking infinitely more time, considering my sudden increase in work load from binary 0 to binary 1. So I hope to put it up this weekend. Till then, I will take off the post.

PPPS: KITTA!! Beat this man! 23 and Still Single! Irrespective of what you are, I will always be  1year ahead of you! HA HA!

PPPPS: To all you guys who wished me on Orkut, Thanks to you too!

7 thoughts on “And there goes the 23rd!

  1. Last year round, I started the ‘same to you’ tradition. This time you were pretty high by the time I called, coz u sounded stupider than usual. Anyways, u beat me to it, and I couldnt say same to you, after calling u myself.

    Kitta – Yeah man.. Beat that.
    And is this why you asked me Tata peepals phone no.?.. Dude, you find only mallu males there in the call centre. Don’t keep your hopes high…

  2. Man… I want to compose a song using my new KORG “Enakku 23 Unakku 20” next birthday. (I am 23 and you are 20 in Tamil – there was a sad movie of a similar name ). So all you people wish me best of luck instead of asking me to beat “X and still single” where X is a monotonically increasing variable.

    And belated happy birthday Man. 🙂 Thanks for implementing my new “post scripting format” in this post.

  3. @Kitta:
    Man delay your Enakku X Unakku X-3 till I learn my Bass fully. That way we both can compile the most meaningful song ever made.

    Dude first of all YOU didnt start the Same to you tradition. It was me who first said ‘Same to you’ to you last year. and moreover, I happened to say it to one more person this year(to someone I have made a reference to in my post)! So you see, it was me who started it and me who will be continuing it-and that too not restricted to you alone!

    Ha ha now beat that!

  4. I read so much of your blog trying to look for the birthday post! 🙂 And i found it!! And hell yes, u and me indeed write about almost the same things in almost the same way! I am sure there are a whole bunch of people who think/write like us. It is interesting how people are so similar yet so different.

    P.S – I compensated for the no-drinking on birthday by getting drunk every single day after that until last night!! yipee! 🙂

    P.P.S – sometimes i think u write exactly about those topics that I have been contemplating for a long time (like your last one about the youth of India). To that end, you should write more often to save me some trouble of writing! hehehehe

    1. @Jinu:
      Drinking Marathon eh?? Thats a big yes for me anyday anytime! I once went on a drinking spree during the end of my college days but since then have been extremely irregular with alcohol. I must have had some 3-4 times in over 10 months after college. And so got big time drunk at college when I went back for convocation. Will be writing about that very soon.
      And about the part where I save you the trouble of writing, well, I will never stop writing….so do the Math!

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