New Age Soporific

I happened to be having a late night drive some time back today after a hard day’s work. I am driving my car making a conscious and sincere effort not to accidentally run over some arbit driving or pedestrian dude (lots to choose from I have to say!). So like any other day, I put on the radio (not with any particular hope though) just to make sure I dont fall asleep. And as per my expectation, every damn channel was playing some crappy music, either in the form of some under-evolved Kannada pop or some phoney dik-chik-dik-chik club music. Some of the other crappy stuff necessarily included some phoney female RJ trying her best to sound like the happiest chic in town. Hell! I think even some Peruvian Flute bands would have sounded better! And usually in such situations, I usually tune  into some classical music but unfortunately that station was already down for the day. And then I remembered this decent show that comes up in FM Rainbow from 10 to 11 in the night. They usually play some decent old rock during that time. And so I tune into FM Rainbow 101.3….

What I would have liked to listen to was some listenable song. But what I did not expect to find, was some soporific nimrod who was doubling up as an RJ for the night, talking on the phone to another phoney trying to extract such useless opinions as what would be the ideal salary package that one would need to live a happy life in Bangalore!! I mean WTF do I care? In fact, WTF does anyone care? On top of it, this RJ dude finds it real exciting to drag the conversation to mind numbing durations-what with his lullaby voice doing the trick! Ok… I realize I don’t have many options so I stick to the station. And after about what seemed like a suffocating eternity, he plays an AIR SUPPLY song. And as soon as that gets over, guess what? Another phoney comes up on air and so begins another round of soporific dialogue! And it is then I realize that the phone conversations were actually longer than the songs that were being played! WTF??? So what that meant was that more than half the show was filled with this pointless hazy conversations about one’s pay package!! And to wind it all up, after all the impatient wait, all they end up playing is some female churning out some typical high pitched banal contemporary shit!

And that was it! No more soporific accompanied banal non sense! Dude, I am not tuning into 101.3 FM again!And I do the smartest thing by just turning off the damn radio! God Damn it! Isn’t there any worthwhile stuff that is ever played in Bangalore FM Radio Stations???


PS: All my ‘phonies’ are inspired by CHAPTER 27, a movie based on David Chapman’s life and his obsession with Cathcher in the Rye. Nevertheless, all these phonies are completely true.

One thought on “New Age Soporific

  1. Man, tune in to any Kannada station and listen to – “Chitranna Chitranna…Chitra Chitra Chitranna, Chitranna Chitranna Chitra Chitranna..”. There is a high probability that this song will be played at any instant by any one of the stations and I will guarantee that you will not fall asleep. 🙂

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