Some Irony…

Ever since I can remember, Audio Systems have amazed me. Thanks to my Dad sharing my interest, my house has seen a total of 4 Hi-Fi Music Systems. In addition to that, I bought a music system for my computer- ADCOM 5.1. But it just gave stereo sound as I hadn’t purchased a sound card. It was decent sound and I was happy. That was until I saw CREATIVE 4.1 at my friend’s place. Since then, I have always wanted to buy the CREATIVE Speakers for my Computer. But unfortunately, as I had already owned one system for my computer and the money factor, I wasn’t able to buy that. Dejected though i was, I never gave up my desire to buy one in the end.

Now I have enough money in my own account and I get to say how to spend it. And so a few days back, I went and bought the damn CREATIVE 5.1 Speakers along with the Sound Card. Cost me a total of 5k. And it exceeded my expectations! Crystal Clear Sound! Deadly Bass! What more could I ask for? I have played practically all the songs that I always had been wanting to hear on my own CREATIVE 5.1. And each of them rocked!

But tomorrow I will be packing this CREATIVE Speakers of mine. Thats because I bought this-not for myself- but for the Restaurant that my Dad is running. I don’t know what to say. I wait so long to get my own CREATIVE 5.1, purchase it with my own money but its just not going to stay. So instead of blaring out Tool, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and other classics, from tomorrow, my CREATIVE Speakers will be slave to some banal contemporary Bollywood shit. (Alas! I couldn’t convince my Dad otherwise)

And so with a heavy heart, I say good bye to something that I always so badly wanted, something I finally got, and something that will be put to the most inferior use ever.


5 thoughts on “Some Irony…

  1. Absolutely right Kitta… Moreover, the ultimate orgasm for N.R would be when he buys those BOSE speakers. I bet when that comes, he wont even bother looking at his Creative speakers…..

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