Why I suddenly stopped Blogging?

I dont exactly know why I have suddenly had this lull in my posting frequency. I am a guy who has lots to say but of late I just don’t seem to have the enthusiasm to actually make the effort to put into words what I have wanted to say. I have tried to figure out the reasons why I never ended up typing what I so strongly wanted to say. For instance, there is this long pending post of my new South Park Script. I have finished about maybe 1/4th of it.  But somehow just never got around to finish it. Then there was this whole post about my New Year celebrations-or the lack of it- which I so desperately wanted to write. But then, that too never saw the light. Then there was this trip to Trivandrum that really had a lot of stuff happening that were worth mentioning but again, I never got down to write all that stuff.

Maybe its the uncertainty over my future that is cutting down the translation of a desire into tangible action. Perhaps its the lack of private, undisturbed time that I need when churning out a post. Or perhaps it is simply me finding an excuse for some inaction. Truth is, I have so much to say. But I cannot focus on anything till things improve. It is true that I have been going through some tough times of late-personally and professionally. And the only time I have some peace of mind is when I sleep. So I end up sleeping when I could probably do some writing.

But again, that is just me trying to rationalize this phase of losing interest in blogging. Or perhaps this is just a part of me losing interest in life in general. Leaving the hostel  and staying with my parents after a gap of 4 years  is proving more difficult than I had anticipated. And thats one reason why I am so looking forward to getting out of this country. But is that the reason why I have stopped blogging? I don’t  know. But what I do know is that I cannot stay too long without expressing myself. So hopefully I can bank on that and say I will write soon and more frequently.

2 thoughts on “Why I suddenly stopped Blogging?

    1. Yeah that was also one of the things I wanted to mention but I always knew you would do the filling in where it mattered….
      And as for the laziness, I guess it is now over….I got an admit you see..so the uncertainty seems to be clearing now…Maybe in the mood to write more posts now

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