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Why the Youth of today is NOT India’s Future…

I am writing this post in extreme anguish, disgust and helplessness at the way things are going on in this country. And I am specifically referring to the Mangalore Pub attack incident and the subsequent attacks on women and men in the name of culture and religion. I am not here to vent my ire on the Sri Rama Sene or any other similar group who decide that it is their responsibility to ‘safeguard’ Indian culture among the youth of today. I am in fact going to vent my ire on the youth of India and their inherent inability to do anything about any of these atrocious moral policing. But before I say anything that can be construed wrongly, let me make a few things very clear. When I refer to the youth of this country, I am talking about the general age group of 16-30 years who are educated. I also include myself in the youth being referred to here. It should not be misunderstood that I am only blaming or accusing the youth of India and that I am perfect. I blame myself and everyone I know equally here.

The basis for writing this post is the complete indifference shown by the country’s youth to any and every act of injustice or moral policing that has ever taken place. Curbing our freedom in various forms has not had one single form of impact on us. Lets take the case of Bangalore and Karnataka. First, there was this deadline for all night clubs, pubs and bars to close shops at 11:30 PM. Then there was this ban on live music. Then there is this attack on pub goers. Then one more attack on a girl just because she was talking to a Muslim guy. Then there is another attack on women standing just outside a Bangalore Pub. Then there was this Mangala Sutra and Rakhi threats on Valentine’s Day. All this in the name of safeguarding our culture. As asinine and shameless as all these sound, what has to be noted is the complete absence of any form of protest or response from the people affected.

So what did the youth do, when the Pub attack happened? Lets see. Thinking…thinking…Oh wait! We didn’t do anything! We just accepted the ruling like the way your teachers and parents told us what was right and what was wrong when we were kids and just kept quiet. Or probably there were some things that were done. Lots of stuff happened on the internet-like what I am doing right now. Most of the youth “VOICED” their frustration on the internet.  Innumerable blogs suddenly sprung up all over the internet voicing their concerns. Mangalore Pub Attack became a popular search term on Google. Hell! itself dedicated a small but prominent space in their TAGS space to it so more can read and learn and write about the issue.  Public forums, both on social networking sites and other websites began to run series of threads on these attacks. Youtube was flooded with videos and responses pertaining to the Mangalore Pub attack. Each and every one of them cursing the Sri Rama Sene for all their goondaism. The television channels and newspapers were flooded with opinions from various prominent local personalities and fellow young generation dudes who again “CONDEMNED” the “DASTARDLY” attacks on women and men in the pub. There were live debates organized on the news channels pitting a representative from the youth against some self proclaimed guardian of our Indian culture. Then there were all these opinion polls wherein we were asked for our OPINION on the issue. Some guys and girls, led by some local personality organized a peaceful march in the city “PROTESTING” the attacks on pub goers and demanding our freedom.

But then you see, thats the whole point! This is all that we, the YOUTH OF INDIA, do. We just voice our opinions in our comfort zones, sitting in front of a computer and typing all the things we want to say. Among all the things that I have listed above, and all the things that the youth have done that I have not listed above, does any of you truly believe that even one of these “RESPONSES” is going to make any difference at all? Has it made any difference at all so far? We continue to be the Tech-savvy youth who pride ourselves on making judicious use of the internet. But we have to ask ourselves this: “Does it count in any way in actually addressing the problem at hand?” Do opinion polls or live debates on news channels serve any purpose whatsoever in finding a solution to these incessant problems? It my prove to be another medium of venting our frustration and anger at the perpertrators but seriously, do any of you really think that it is going to make any form of impact? We hold peace rallies to protest against all the injustice done. But again, does it matter in anyway? Are the authorities going to actually look into the matter and change things around us just because a few hundred people decided to get together and display placards or shout slogans? Do any number of prominent people giving their opinion do anything to change the exisiting insane laws in this country? Does interviewing the everyday youth on newschannels or in newspapers and asking for their response serve any purpose in making the law-makers understand our point of view? Do you think any amount of blogging or discussing on public forums is even going to be noticed by those people who have the power to set things right?

The hard fact is this: WE THE YOUTH OF INDIA HAVE NO GUTS OR COURAGE. There….I said it. And as much as we like to believe otherwise citing various examples, the truth cannot be denied. We, the Youth of India, have no balls when it comes to facing up to the people who curb our freedom. When the Govt, decides what is good for us and what isnt, we abide by it without a whimper. If the Govt decides to ban live bands, we just accept it and try to work within it. When the Govt decides at what time we should stop having fun, we let them shove it down our throat. When some rogue outfit  says  you can’t drink if you are a girl, we suddenly stop going to pubs out of fear. When they say we should not celebrate Valentine’s Day, well, I can’t comment on that right away but I am sure, there are a hell lot of us who only wish we could do it without the fear that we may be married by the end of the day.

The only thing we do is rant and whine in safe places such as the internet and opinion polls and harmless peace protests, none of which is going to have any form of impact on any of the law makers. And looking at the way things are going, the day wont be far away when the Govt and  rogue outfits, in the name of moral policing and safeguarding culture, decide that holding college fests is against the Hindu culture or that having friends of the opposite sex in your group is also against the spirit of our heritage. The day wont be far off when movie theaters will have seperate seating for men and women or for that matter, educational institutions making rules that prohibit interacting with the opposite sex. Now that would be something wont it?

And you know the best part? It is a very very realistic possibility. Give these Govts and rogue outfits enough time, and let us continue to get everything shoved down our throats and I will guarantee you the possibilities I have mentioned above will become firm reality. Again, when we analyze the root of the problem, we again go back to the same inference.


I apologize if this is sounding very offensive or insulting to any of you. But all I ask you to do is to give it some serious unbiased and objective thought as to the mindset of the Indian youth. Again, I would like to remind you all that I do not exclude myself from all the things that I have written above. I am now ready to acknowledge that I am a coward and that I am helpless. But are you? And only when you realize that, do you also understand the true possibility of the strength of unity among all of us. But the question remains. Who is it that is going to lead us? Who is it that is going to wake us all up from our comfort zones and cowardice to bring about some change? The media is definitely not going to do it. They are just busy finding more stories like this to start more live debates or get “expert” opinions-which get them the money and us nothing.

Come to think of it, today’s youth is indeed the future of India. But this time, the youth I am talking about are not the educated and civilized youth, but the young goons like those in the Sri Rama Sene and other outfits who attack people and the same people to whom WE ACTUALLY END UP VOTING. But again, we the youth of India, the cowards of the country will learn to live with it.

GOD HELP US ALL!!!!! If this isnt headed for a Dystopian future, I dont’ know what is.