South Park- TIMMY RETURNS : Scene 1

Ok..considering the fact that putting up the entire script for a new south park episode will not prove practically feasible, I have decided to split it into different scenes and upload each one of them. Feedback, changes and improvements are welcome and will be incorporated in the final script. Needless to say, this is just for fun. So if you are a South Park fan, then feel free to discuss.

The theme of the episode is to get Timmy back into school. Timmy has not been coming to school since a long time and so Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny decide to get their friend back to school. They find out why Timmy has not been coming to school and try to fix it.


Bell rings. Students settle down in class as Mr. Garrison enters the class.

Mr. Garrison : Ok children settle down now and pay attention as I have an important announcement to make.

ERIC CARTMAN : [Already bored] Aah! Here we go again!

Mr. Garrison : Principal Victoria has arranged a Parent-Teacher meeting tomorrow at the school. All of you are required to bring your parents after school for the meeting.

ERIC CARTMAN : [Suddenly alert] Huh? What?

Kyle : Didn’t you hear dumbass? You have to get your parents tomorrow for the parents-teacher meeting.

ERIC CARTMAN : What??!!? But how??

Mr. Garrison : Eric! What is it?

ERIC CARTMAN : Er… Mr. Garrison , I don’t think I will be able to bring my parents tomorrow.

Mr. Garrison : [Angrily]What did you say?

ERIC CARTMAN : I said I don’t think I will be able to bring my parents tomorrow.

Mr. Garrison : And why would that be?

ERIC CARTMAN : [Speaking as a matter of fact] Mr. Garrison its just that… (pause) my mom is sick and I don’t know who my dad is!

[Entire class goes silent. Mr. Garrison just stares blankly. Eric Cartman stares back at him blankly. ]

Mr. Garrison : Stop lying young man!!

ERIC CARTMAN : About what Mr. Garrison ? My mom, or my dad??

[Awkward Silence again in the classroom]

Kyle : [To Eric] Dude, your mom was fine last night. What happened man?

Mr. Garrison : [Angrily] That does it! Eric Cartman, you are bringing your mother tomorrow for the meeting!

ERIC CARTMAN : F*** you Kyle!


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