Timmy Returns : Scene 2

SCENE 2: South Park Elementary School

Kids and their parents are in the school meeting the teachers in a classroom. The meeting is almost over. Principal Victoria, Mr. MacKey and Mr. Garrison are finishing sitting next to each other behind a table and discussing among themselves.

Principal Victoria : I just hope it gets over soon. I need to reach my book club meeting in less than an hour.

MR. MACKEY : (consults a list) Well lets see…. Kyle Browlowski-done. Stan Marsh-done. Wendy-done. Eric Cartman-thank god THATS over! Hmmm okay lets see who is remaining here…hmmm okay…hmmm okay..HA! Timmy!

(Silence in classroom. Nobody responds)

MR. MACKEY : Timmy! Is Timmy here?

(Again no response)

PRINCIPAL VICTORIA : MR. MACKEY did you inform Timmy’s parents about the meeting?

MR. MACKEY : Well actually PRINCIPAL VICTORIA Timmy has not attended school since a long time.

PRINCIPAL VICTORIA : What?? Why wasn’t I told about it? Have you contacted his parents about this?

MR. MACKEY : (Hesitates) Well I did kinda tell them sometime back….hmm okay..

PRINCIPAL VICTORIA : What do you mean kinda?

MR. MACKEY : Well I did call them, hmmm okay….but there was this communication gap you see…hmm okay


MR. MACKEY calls a number on a phone.

MR. MACKEY : Hello..is Timmy there?

Voice (at the other end) : Richard!!!

MR. MACKEY : Not Richard…I am looking for Timmy…okay?

Voice : Richard!!!!!

MR. MACKEY : Hello…is this Timmy’s house?

(thinks aloud and checks his phone directory) Did I get the right number here??

Voice: Richard!!!!!

MR. MACKEY : (Looks confused. Thinks what to do for a moment.)

Voice: (Confused as well) Ri..cha..rd.??

MR. MACKEY: Hmmm..okay

(Hangs up)

(Timmy’s father Richard is shown on a wheelchair answering the phone)

Richard: Richard…..Richard??? Richard!!!!!!


PRINCIPAL VICTORIA : Well you better call them again MR. MACKEY

(Shot changes to STAN, KYLE, CARTMAN AND KENNY seated in the classroom.)

Stan : Guys, any of you seen Timmy?

Kyle : I haven’t seen him in months dude!

Kenny : (Muffled) Me neither!

Stan : We gotta find him before he gets himself into any trouble.

ERIC CARTMAN : Guys guys aren’t we forgetting the important question here??

(All 3 of them think for a moment)

Stan : What is it Cartman?

ERIC CARTMAN : Who is Timmy??!!?

Kyle : God damn you Cartman! Have you already forgotten Timmy? He was our friend who was in a wheelchair!

ERIC CARTMAN (Suddenly remembering): Oh yeah our retarded friend who was always drooling! Now I remember! Where has he been all these days?

Stan : Lets check at his home….

(Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny leave the classroom)


2 thoughts on “Timmy Returns : Scene 2

  1. As somebody who watches South Park only for Cartman’s Jew-bashing, I’m disappointed that there’s none of it here

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