Song of the ‘Real’ IRON MAN

THE REAL IRON MAN!! (Pic Courtesy

All of us have our own local Iron man. He comes once a week to iron our clothes. Whether you wish to admit it or not, he forms a very integral part of our lives. Where would we be without those clean, wrinkle free, perfectly creased clothes? This blog post is a recognition and tribute to all those Iron Men/Women who have helped me get through all these years-wrinkle free and perfectly creased!

NOTE: This song is to be sung to the tune of (what else?) IRON MAN by BLACK SABBATH.


I am the REAL IRON MAN!!!

Here comes the Iron man

To iron their clothes as per plan

Pushing his cart on the road

Even if he is really bored.

Parking under a tree

He gets ready for his ironing spree

He don’t need no seat

He just makes sure of the coal’s heat

Then he collects their clothes

Back to the cart the iron man goes

And as he starts his job

He turns up his radio’s volume knob


Nobody cares for him

They just pass him by

Nobody notices him

Unless he doesn’t come by

Wrinkles have no place

They just vanish without a trace

He finds the perfect crease

Then he folds them in a breeze

He winds up his work

He smokes a cigarette as a perk

Showing no signs of rage

He now goes to collect his wage


Taking their payments

He just makes his living

Feeding his family

Next week he will be returning.

PS: Thanks to somebody for giving me the idea for this song. Unintended help is still appreciated. 🙂

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