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Where to watch Football Online?

If you are an American, the title to this post still reads “Where to watch FOOTBALL online?”.

This post is a result of my vast and directed experience concerning watching football online in various capacities and my friends’ persistent enquiry into where they can do the same. So here I will make a list of the websites you can go to watch football- all the leagues and all the cups- and which are free from viruses and advertising bull crap.

But first let it be understood that not all these websites work everywhere. Some are region specific and you will have to check all for yourself. Also, no guarantees on the speed as it varies region to region. Some of the websites are also focused on certain leagues only. I have made a mention of it everywhere:

1. : This is the One-Stop-Site for all your football action. Not only for football, for almost every other sport, there are links provided. The best part about this website is that it gives you a bunch of links to try out. It gets better. All of them open in the same tab and in the same space. Just the player changes, and with it, sometimes the commentary language from English to Spanish/Italian etc. All the matches are arranged chronologically. It is a very neat and well organized website.

If you choose to use this website, then I can recommend installing the following 2 players which I know for a fact do not have viruses: VEETLE Player and VShare. Installing either of them will give you the option of watching the matches in HD. Especially VShare provides the best coverage I have ever come across.

You can watch multiple matches at once by opening more than one browser and opening a different link in each.

BEST FOR: ALL LEAGUES: Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, BundesLiga, Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup, Carling Cup, Copa Italia, etc

This website is definitely THE place to go to watch football.

2. : This is a one of its kind website. The website just has the program names, listed chronologically and it is for that particular day. It is just straightforward. Click on the link. A new window opens with only the player in it and it starts playing. The best feature of this is that it gives links to most of the TV shows and for that specific time. Even the football matches have the times written on it. The clarity of the player in this website is pretty good and usually has English commentary.

I usually open this website first and only then move on to the previous one.However you can only open one player at a time from a browser. If you want to watch more than one match through this website, you will need to open this website from a different browser itself. You might need to install the same Veetle or VShare players (or even SOPCAST) but its totally worth it.

BEST FOR: BPL, Serie A, FA Cup, Bundesliga, La Liga, Champions League, Europa League

3. : This is only for people in USA. This is the official website of ESPN and it provides the official broadcast of many football matches. Of course they call it soccer but the game is still football.

The matches shown here have a relatively dull commentary but that is more than made up by the mega awesome clarity and no ads. Only the important matches are shown and the focus is primarily on Serie A and La Liga. Some matches of BPL and Carling Cup are also shown sometimes. The Portuguese and the Dutch Leagues are also shown at times. I have been personally following all the Juventus matches in this website without any hassle whatsoever. But again, remember, they only show the important matches.

A lot of other sports are also shown but most of them are US Sports. The best feature of course is the PIP which can be used in the website itself. Very useful. Also, you can see the full schedule for upto 30 days.

BEST FOR: Serie A, La Liga, Carling Cup – only the important matches featuring the top teams.

And thats it! If you were expecting a long list of websites, you are not going to find it here. The above 3 websites have worked for me 99% of the times for more than a year now. If you dont find it here, then it is very likely you will not find it elsewhere.

You could try but you are more likely to encounter a still image with a link repeating itself in the chat section which will take you to another window and then another and another before asking you if you want Viagra.

Also please note the following. VERY IMPORTANT: The first 2 websites do not guarantee you uninterrupted awesome clarity viewing experience. They do provide it most of the times- esp if you are watching them on the Vshare player. But for no reason whatsoever, it can get blacked out. This calls for trying out the different links provided in the first website. It can get frustrating but hey! You are getting something for nothing. So dont complain!

Let me know if you get to know about any other very reliable websites to watch football week in week out conveniently without having to buy Viagra, chat with SeXyLadY from that town near your city or provide your credit card information.


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Breaking News: India to start Kho-Kho WORLD SERIES on the lines of Baseball WORLD SERIES. Winners to be crowned WORLD CHAMPIONS.

In a major development to one of the few aboriginal Indian games that are still played, the newly formed Kho-Kho Federation of India had decided to conduct a Kho-Kho WORLD SERIES on similar lines of the Baseball World Series in America. The tournament will feature 8 city based teams which will be operated on the basis of a franchisee. The structure and the format of the series will be very similar to the World Series informed the President of the Federation.

The primary motivation for such a huge step was supposedly the frustration surrounding everyone involved with regard to the poor publicity and recognition that was offered to the game. A bunch of Kho-Kho enthusiasts decided to bring about some much needed change and so set about determining the best way to draw attention to the age old sport.

“We were thinking. What is the easiest and most effective way to publicize a sport that nobody cares about? The answer was not difficult to find at all! All we have to do is to become World Champions and then everyone will take notice of us and the sport will then grow!” said Kumar Vaidyanathan, one of the Kho-Kho enthusiasts.

When asked to elaborate further, Sai Kumar, another excited Kho-Kho player explained, “You see, this is best understood with an example. Do you know why Baseball is so popular in the US? It is because every year, one of the US based teams is crowned WORLD CHAMPIONS for winning the Baseball WORLD SERIES! This generates a lot of enthusiasm and excitement among its supporters and motivates the other teams to try for the position as well. This cycle keeps repeating and the popularity of the sport continues to grow- primarily because one of the teams in the tournament is going to be given the title of the World Champions! Similarly, we are going to establish a tournament wherein some 8 teams from various cities in India will compete for the title of World Champions! That way more Indians will take note of the game and it will get a much needed boost!”

When pointed out that you cannot become World Champions if only one country is playing in the tournament, Mr. Vaidyanathan replied, “That is the wrong perception! Look at the United States. They have so many games that are based on this format. Basketball with NBA, American Football with the NFL/AFL/Superbowl, Ice Hockey with the NHL, and Baseball with the World Series. In each case, the winner is treated practically as the World Champions!

You are asking me about the validity of this process? Screw validity! Just look at how crazy and excited the fans get when they realize that their city based team are the WORLD CHAMPS!! Even if they only beat their neighbouring city teams! Do you know how much this can do to Kho-Kho in India? So much revenue will come with increasing popularity and the sport will grow tremendously!”

“So you are saying that one Indian city based team will be crowned as World Champions because they beat another Indian city based team?” asked a curious reporter.

“Thats exactly how it works!” replied Mr. Vaidyanathan. “Just as is done in America, an Indian city based team is going to be crowned World Champions Kho-Kho for beating other Indian city based teams!”

“Yeah. I totally agree. The way the World Champions tag is justified in baseball is by saying that the best players in the world are playing in the World Series and hence they are entitled to the tag. Similarly, even we are getting the best players in the world to play in our tournament and we believe that the winners of this tournament deserve to be called World Champions!”, echoed Mr. Kumar.

Satish Rai, another Kho-Kho enthusiast quipped in, “Our players will eventually become as famous as Brett Favre, Peyton Manning or Drew Brees. They deserve that much recognition.”

One reporter immediately stood up and asked, “Who the f**k is Brett Favre, Peyton Manning or Drew Brees?”

Satish Rai gave a mischievous smile and continued, “You see thats the whole point. Nobody outside the USA has any idea about the existence of Brett Favre, Peyton Manning or Drew Brees! But all these people are ‘World famous in the USA’! Same way we are going to create a tournament which is going to elevate Kho-Kho players who are presently in some gully or village to become ‘World famous in India’!”

The initial bidding process for the 8 city based franchisees was largely dull as the format and the structure of the tournament didn’t strike a chord with businessmen. However, after hearing that the winning team will be given the title of WORLD CHAMPIONS, there has been a hectic bidding war between the business empires for the rights to own them.

One business magnate, who didn’t wish to be named, said “It is a very important thing this. It helps us to associate ourselves with a team that will be crowned World Champions! That is the pinnacle of branding for any company anywhere in the world! Of course Cricket is already a lot more popular in India. But think of it. Which company can associate itself with a team that can be called as the World Champions? Even the main sponsor of the Indian cricket team cant claim that as India have not been crowned World Champions since 1983. The IPL only crowns the winning team as IPL Champions. So this is a golden opportunity for any company to be able to sponsor a team that could possibly be called as the World Champs! No wonder there is so much competition going on for that.”

The Ministry of Sports also released a statement conveying its full support to the tournament. “We strongly support the idea that Kho-Kho become popular in India. This is a very quick and sureshot way of helping it gain more popularity-both in the short term and long term. In fact, the Government is now commissioning a committee to look into the possibilities of using the same idea for other not-so-popular games such as Lagori, Gilli Danda, Goli, Kunte Bille, Dabba ( a variant of Hide & Seek) etc. This will encourage children to excel at their sport with some kind of assurance that they can make a living out of it.”

SUPERSTAR Rajnikanth wasn’t available for comment.