Some facts about me….

This page is under (RE)construction. Please check back at a later time. Here LATER is defined as “whenever I can get my lazy ass to write something more here.” Thank You.

14 thoughts on “Some facts about me….

  1. Dude/Bro,

    I graduated from KREC 16 years back. My wife graduated from KREC 15 years back. My brother and my sister in law graduated from KREC 14 years back.

    But we all were into Pink Floyd, Ayn Rand and Led Zep.

    I am really surprised that some things never change.

    Its kinda creepy.

    U have heard about this thing called Rap. I killed of rock about a decade ago only cuz it is way better than all the old classic rock shite. Try it.

    So long.

    Ping me just for old times sake.

    How are things at NITK.

    Rgds, Yogi

  2. hello dude!! when i first read abt the (scorpions concert)blog i wasn’t sure it was you N.R,
    channagidiya guru?? gottaita yaar idu??
    nyways your blogs are really awesome,particularly the blogs abt the concerts.
    the only blog site where one can get the full info abt the bangalore concerts,awesome work maga.
    n.r let me have ur number and mail u soon in bangalore and don’t forget to reply maga! bye.

  3. Hey Mohit…
    Man Its been real long…I dont even remember the last time we met….I will add u on gtalk….Accept it and i will give u all the info then…anyway i will be finishing my engineering in a few weeks and will be in bangalore after that.

  4. @Nachiketa

    Well I am afraid I am using a different blogging platform than you as you must have now noticed. I use wordpress while you use blogspot. It is simple to do in wordpress. You will find it in the widgets under presentation. But I am not aware of how you do it in Blogspot….

  5. Good stuff man – I am one of the many like us – Ayn Rand, Rock, Beer, books and blog. Just that I am not a tech chic, thats it. Good stuff on your blog. So glad Tull is coming to India. And I totally agree, worth the dough if they play Aqualung!

  6. Thank God You are not a Tech Chic! I have seen too many of them. Come to think of it, most of the chics u see are in some or the other engg college and end up in some or the other software company.
    And yes, Ayn Rand, Rock and Beer did turnaround my life a couple of years back. And there has been no looking back ever since.
    And in case u are in bangalore, will see u at Tull concert!

  7. Hey, been going through your blog and found it pretty interesting. It actually started out with your Wonder La post (rain disco, girls separated muhaha) and then I started going through the other stuff. Surprised you’ve kept it going for so long. Really intriguing and cool stuff. 🙂

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