All The Damn Wait…..

And finally i get internet in the hostel room itself. The much awaited entry of net into our sacred rooms is finally over. Now everyone can get spoilt.
Not Me!
I will be very careful as to what i surf and when i surf i will make sure that i wont be wasting my time. I will not surf anything that is beyind my necessity. I will use it for constructive purposes only.
Ok fact is that i will be blogging more often than b4. But right now i have to study 4 my exams that will end on monday. So till then tata.

By the way this is one more blog

What Happens….after 8 Years?

I had spoken about so much guilt. Yes, I still do not deny that I felt all those guilt. But what I am gonna tell you here is something different. Something that happened last night. Simply put, it was just too good to be true. But then, I guess, God sometimes bestows us all with some incredible things. I had not even dared to dream of it. But there I was, doing that very thing, living that very undreamt dream. Well, for all you know, it could have just been a dream. But it happened to be something more than that.

Something like this to follow after that miserable experience in reliving the worst phase of my life was beyond my ability to even dream. All that guilt has simply been replaced and superceded by the joy and satisfaction of having done that something I only desired so deep in myself that I was too scared to think of it- lest it not come true.

What do you feel when you realize that you have lost something and for 8 years you keep wondering whether there is even the slimmest hope that it will come back? What do you feel when it comes back after 8 years? What do you feel when you suddenly realize you are living your deepest desire that you have been secretly nurturing for over 8 years? What do you feel when you know that this is going to be the last time this is going to take place?