Arbit, NITK

III Block Night Canteen Beckons……


What do you do when you just refuse to get sleep and want to go eat something? Now I dont know. I guess I just drink some water and try getting some sleep anyway. But some time ago, there was this thing called III Block Canteen at NITK.

“Swami, Ondu Half Fry matthe ondu Lassi….Swalpa Bega Kodi!!”

And somehow I was always captivated by the menu, so obnoxiously explicit in its acknowledgement of the fact that the canteen owner was more interested in the prices part rather than the item part, that I had to do this piece of free publicity. But of course, this was the state of the menu sometime in March this year. I would really like to know what the state is now though. Any updates anyone?

PS: Photos Courtesy Paul Savio