What I hope to Accomplish….

Ok, this is now official. Of late, I am having extremely less to totally non-existent time to write a meaningful post. Thanks largely to my highly cumbersome Application process for MS in US and UK and my ever-fluctuating internet connection at home. But rest assured, for I shall toil day and night to pump some life into my one and only medium of connectivity to the outside world! So, in order to maintain some sort of decorum with regard to my frequency (and more importantly, the quality)of posting, I decided to give my esteemed (implied non-existent) readers, a brief glimpse into what they are in for, in the near future. For quite some time now, I have been wanting to write about a lot of things, but somehow never got around to doing it. So now, I shall proudly present to you, the very very exciting topics on which I have decided to shed some light on. And so, in no particular order, here goes:

1) My long due second post on LaTeX: This time, I will be uploading all the resource material I have on LaTeX, hoping to contribute to the “ILLUMINATION OF MY GENERATION”. I have already uploaded all the PDF files into my WordPress account and I just need to type out the new post.

2) Anatomy of a South Indian Wedding: After a really long time, I recently had the opportunity to witness, first hand, the nuances of a South Indian Wedding, where I came across certain details that has really inspired me to write a post about.

3) My first South Park Script: Ok this is actually going to happen. And it is going to happen much sooner (with regard to NEVER) than I expected. I am done with at least 1/3rd of the Script and I plan to ask for suggestions on how to continue from all you guys.

4) Why India will never progress: Yeah I will be writing about something I have absolutely no control on. It is about something my dad just casually remarked and that got me thinking. It is about the idea of a PUNISHMENT.

5) Some interesting stuff I came up on the Internet

6) My Last 24 hours at NITK: I know it has been already quite long. But I feel I can still write and recreate the last day of my stay at NITK.

7) The really really long overdue post on my trek to Kodachadari or How Masai, got drunk, got high and almost humped the whores!

8) A post titled “My Experiments with Alcohol”, which I believe is quite self-explanatory.

So there you go. Something that you can really hope to see in the near future. Actually if you find even half of the above topics in the next one year, then you know your life has been worth it!