And I am Back!!

Notwithstanding the steadily diminishing reader count for this exclusive blog coupled with the fact that I have my project submission tomorrow and that this might as well be the last post of my life as an Undergraduate student at NITK Suratkal, I have decided to take charge of the situation and rescue my faithful blog from the mediocrities of low blog view count and low posting frequency! Thanks largely to my college authorities’ sudden interest in the ‘upgrading’ of the Internet ‘facililties’ (Read IRONPORT Site Blocker), the closest I have got to the world of Internet in the past couple of weeks is GTalk Pinging and chatting- what with the ‘upgrading’ resulting in NITKian’s best friend:ULTRASURF, being rendered useless.

But FEAR NOT my friend for the NITKians toiled day and night, in search of that one route to freedom, that one route to open all gates to the world of Orkutting, Facebooking (or whatever you choose to call it), unlimited power for self expression and the likes. And what a reward indeed!

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I present to you:

FREEGATE Ver.6.6!!! The new age ULTRASURF; brand new on the NITKian Computer! Available for Free Download on DC++ and yet to be detected and blocked by the NITK CCC Server!

All hail the NITKian Spirit!

Ok now lets get down to the real reason why I am even writing this post. Fact is that I just have too much to say! So much I can’t even recollect them all now! So I will just start somewhere:

1. Firstly, I should be writing my Major Project Report now instead of this pointless blog. Hey but what the hell! Iam desperately in need of some self expression, what with the closest I have got to putting thoughts on paper was my marathon 48 hour report writing involving Soil Slope Stability using Finite Element Method of Analysis and PLAXIS software!
2. I have exactly 7 days to go before I am officially out of my college-what with Final Year actually being the FINAL YEAR! Though I am most likely going to stay for about 10-12 more days, it is very possible that this is my last post as an official NITKian. I had wanted to reach 100 posts before leaving this college and I guess I will do it after my exam gets over on 14th.
3. Due to the complete inconsequence of the following fact, I shall reveal the same. After it’s brief stint with a sudden burst of activity, my mobile phone is back to it’s old ways of inactivity and sluggishness.

4. During my marathon report writing, I just reinforced my long standing belief that MS WORD SUCKS!!!!! And that LaTeX ROCKS!!!!
5. Now here is something! A few weeks back, I finally got my lazy ass out of my room and went on a trek with 4 of my friends to the Kodachadari peak. I will shortly be writing a blog dedicated to all the adventures we had during that 2 day trek along with Logik’s regular crap-a-holic needs, Cramp-Man’s cramps, Akella’s stint as the Bad Bouncer, Sads’ musings with his inebriated self and lest I forget, “How Masai got high, got wild and got a thought of Humping the Whores next room!!” Keep watching this blog for full details in the near future.
6. The following incident involves very graphic description of what a human being is capable of when he/she is high. Reader Discretion is advised. One of my good friends, fellow drunkard, fellow Blogger and fellow wanna-be-high-in-general had this bizarre incident during HOLI that left everyone open-mouthed and one person’s bed wet! I present to you the story of “How ***** got high, got sleepy and got Adi’s bed wet!” Now, without wasting too much time on unnecessary details, it will be sufficient to say that the person in question grossly misjudged the amount of the traditional “24 Hour Full Power” B***G Balls that were needed to get one stoned! And now lets skip to the part when ***** got too stoned, went into Adi’s room and went to sleep on his bed. Now lets fast forward to the moment when ***** suddenly wakes up and finds all the people around him laughing for some reason hitherto unknown to him. Then it is only a matter of time before even the stoned ***** realizes that the bed is fully wet with his own liquid assets! And it is then that ***** requests someone to guide him to the right place to relieve himself and then guide him back to his own room. So there is your story of “How ***** got high, got sleepy………….” NOTE: The ‘human being’ in question, after reading this post, suddenly came up with threats that can’t be mentioned here for the fact that I had publicized his (mis)adventure with wrong details. So, with all due apologies to Mr. *****, I have made the changes that you have requested for!
7. And talking about Holi, I celebrated Holi after a gap of 2 years and I have to say I really enjoyed it. What with me almost witnessing the “Female Mud Wrestling” (the wrestling part being the one that was absent), “Throw the dude in the pit!” and “Get Dirty” competitions! Of special mention, however was the once-in-a-lifetime sight of Ms. Nachiketa doing a ‘Hulk-Hogan’ on some innocent looking dude by trying to rip off his shirt! Thank God I made a timely intervention and tried to reason with her in the following way: “Hey this is not fair! You can rip our shirts but we can’t rip yours!!” Obviously it didn’t work! In other events,  there is always this added dimension to Holi celebrations and this time it was more so given the fact that that special someone (see Point 9) was there to play Holi with me.
8. With only a few days left in the college, the college junta suddenly seemed to be in a mood to write politically-too-correct testimonials for all the people in the batch. This includes the people whom they have spoken to, the people whom they know by name and those people whose faces they were seeing for the first time in the yearbook in all the 4 years! I spent considerable time trying to come up with the Top 10 Testimonials written by anyone to anyone. I am more or less done with my list and will be uploading it shortly.
9. At this point, I would like to point out that I recently experienced a long forgotten feeling which made me smile with genuine happiness. Though on a miniature scale and transient in nature, it was enough to remind me that all is not over still and that there is still a chance for me. After a gap of about a year and a half, there is finally one more message that is stored permanently in my mobile inbox. To whoever that person is: THANK YOU FOR THAT LITTLE THING!
10. Royan owes me 100 bucks. But he is broke. If anyone has any money to give away, either as charity or as a long term ( I mean really really long term) loan, please contact him. He needs money to recharge his mobile so that he can talk to that someone from 12 in the night to 4 in the morning.

11. My Dad suddenly dropped a bomb shell at home by saying that he is going to quit his job and that he is starting a Restaurant of his own! Given the fact that my dad is 53 years old, I have to say I really admire his enthusiasm at that age! Next thing I know: Opening date for Restaurant: 11th May 2008.

So there you have it! Some updates on whatever is happening in my life of late. And if you will excuse me for now, I need to get on with my report as I would still like to be eligible for my Bachelor’s Degree after 4 years.

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