Another Formal Notice

This is just to officially declare that the Post Script that I had mentioned in this post became void last weekend during that megalo party that took place upstairs. But unfortunately,it didn’t serve the purpose. So maybe next time I will know its purpose.

And just one more thing…I have decided to start writing about what all happens on this planet that is of any concern to mankind. That includes why the dog in my hostel at NITK is so insistent on pooping in the corridor everytime it is cleaned and other relevant topics.

I mean seriously speaking, I do have some strong views with regard to certain issues of great importance-of so great importance, that I am completely helpless to do anything about it! Like that other dog in the hostel which keeps humping that poor bitch everytime it lays its eyes on it. Or for that matter, the musings and the tacit understandings of the 4-5 other dogs which are all patiently waiting for their turn, completely oblivious to the flagrant violation of the privacy of the dog and the bitch.

Yeah so you see I do have stuff to write about and comment on. Hey what do you know? It also increases Blog Traffic! More the merrier!

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